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        •  Six Large Screen HDTV's
            to view the many college and pro teams
            along with other major sporting events

        •  Open 11 AM till late every day
        •  Internet Juke Box plays almost any song
        •  Good Beer, Wine & Liquor selection at great prices

        Karaoke Night
                Every Thursday starting at 8:00 PM
                Music provided by “KJ's Mark & Patti”
                Kitchen will be open late.

      "Athenia Canteen Cafe & Eatery"
                Kitchen is Open Daily...
Monday through Wednesday
     –  11 AM until 7 PM 
                Thursday (open late for
                Friday through Sunday
     –  11 AM until 7 PM  

      You asked for it. We did it! The kitchen is now open
      and is in full swing with an extensive menu.
      The name of the new kitchen is ...
              Athenia Canteen Cafe & Eatery
      We also have a chef. His name is Todd Daigneault.
      We used the word chef instead of cook. If you see
      Chef Todd’s credentials, then you have to agree that this
      gentleman is a chef. Some of his credentials are:
      He is the Executive Chef for the Atlantic Health Systems at
      Overlook Medical Center in New Jersey. He has been a
      main contributor to cooking show segments held on
      radio station WOR 710 AM in New York City.
      He is a graduate in the category of “Food Sciences” from
      the CIA (no, not the government agency)
      Culinary Institute of America. Remember Superbowl 48
      in 2014? Well Chef Todd was the dinner coordinator and
      supervisor for that national event. He has been the owner
      of the restaurant “Hog Heaven Grill” located in Clifton, NJ.
      He volunteers for Eva’s Kitchen in Paterson and other
      local charities. This list can go on and on and it seems you
      are reading a selection from the publication called:
      Who’s Who in Cooking. Chef Todd does have a long list of
      accomplishments. Now he will be our chef at the Post.
      We should be honored to have someone on board with
      such great credentials. But just being the “on premises”
      chef does not stop there. He will have daily specials.
      Prices will be fair for the great food you shall receive.
      Some of the items are: wings (great anytime especially
      during football season), sliders, salads, vegetarian options,
      grinders & subs, and chips and dips (like nachos & cheese
      and extras) and full plated meals.
            This is just the beginning. Chef Todd will be available
      to perform in house catering of special functions. Should
      someone or a Post member unfortunately need to sponsor
      a repass, Chef Todd will make the food especially enjoyable.
      Should someone have a wedding, baby shower, or other
      similar parties on our premises, Chef Todd will be able to cater
      to those events also. With Chef Todd, “No food endeavor is
      too great a challenge”. Also, for those in need of Spanish type
      food, Chef Todd can do that too.
           The Athenia Canteen Cafe & Eatery is open seven days
      a weeks. They will open by lunchtime and can provide dinner
      if desired. For those who love to sing, yes Chef Todd (or his
      assistants) will provide food during Karaoke (now you folks
      can rest easily). So, give your “taste buds” a treat and come
      and get some great food items. You will not be disappointed.


        Chef Todd H. Daigneault,
        ASCS, CEC