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      Support Group of the Athenia Veterans Post


  The FAV operates independently of either the Veterans or
  Ladies Auxiliary
members of the Athenia Veterans Post.
  The activity of this organization is bound only by the
  “imagination and interest” of its membership. However it
  must be remembered that any organizational rules or
  function must not be contrary to the beliefs, bylaws, and
  operations of the Athenia Veterans Post. “WE CAN DO IT!”
  is the general philosophy of this organization. We appreciate
  new ideas. New ideas keep any organization “vibrant”.
  We also respect the opinions and beliefs of fellow members.
  Any seriously suggested idea will be reviewed as the  
  situation permits.

  The FAV primarily assists the Veterans of the Athenia Veterans
  Post in achievement of their specific goals. Recognition of the
  service these veterans have supplied to our nation is strongly
  appreciated by the membership of the FAV. Of course, it is
  known that many individuals have personal commitments and
  issues. The FAV has no intention of interfering with anyone’s
  method of employment, commitments to family, or contentions
  with their personal or religious beliefs.

  FAV meetings are held once per month.
  Committees may meet more frequently depending upon the
  event under development.