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    was established in 2009 as an auxiliary unit to the Veteran
    members of the Athenia Veterans Post.

    Membership to the Athenia Veterans Post is restricted to
    past military members who separated from the US military
    under honorable conditions. Individuals who have
    no past military experience are NOT permitted to join
    this Veterans organization. The restriction left a “void”
    for those citizens of strong moral character and for
    those that support Veterans concerns. Expansion of
    membership became a major issue. To fill the “void”, the
    organization called the Friends of Athenia Veterans
    (FAV) was created. Its mission is to provide assistance
    toward accomplishing the goals of the Athenia Veterans
    Post, support our community, provide “camaraderie”,
    and provide group events for all interested members
    of the Post.

    Not everyone is permitted to join the Friends of Athenia Veterans
    organization. The first prerequisite of membership is: any person
    wishing to join must request sponsorship from an active veteran
    member of the Athenia Veterans Post. Any active veteran may
    sponsor up to ten (10) new members per year.  

    Additional membership requirements are listed below:

     • Membership is open to all men and women over the age of 21.
     • Potential members must show mission support to projects
       of the Athenia Vets and Community.

     • Potential members must take a verbal pledge for support of
       this organization.

     • Members must pay the FAV established annual
       membership dues of $20.