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                                                            For those of you who attend AVP meetings on a regular basis, you get to know a lot of what is happening at the Post. You understand the current issues, learn of any member who may be in poor health and hear of any upcoming events at the Post. The meetings are a good experience. What you may not know is what is required to “make things happen” at the Post and those individuals behind the scenes that make it happen. One such person who made things happen was Helene Lenkowec. She has a vast history with our AVP. She joined the organization back in 1947. Beginning in 1954 she took on the position of Adjutant and did so well that she held that position continuously until 2011 –
a record for our organization! Helene can be considered to have a “mini library” for Post documentation. She kept track of all of the Post correspondence in an orderly manner and can show that documentation for all of the years she held that position. To make it simple, she has 58 years worth of orderly Post documentation and  all of this was accomplished without the use of computers!

      This is not the end of Helene’s enthusiasm for the Post. She joined the Ladies Auxiliary in 1951. She served on many Installation Dinner committees. In the past, the Post put on two
Minstrel Shows – she co-directed both. She participated in many Memorial and Veteran’s Day parades. Three times she was the Grand Marshall for the annual Veterans’ Day parade. She handled Post public relations with the community over several years. In her personal life, she was active within the Athenia community and performed work with the local school children.

      During this year’s Officer Installation Dinner she will receive a true honor. If you look in the vestibule of the Post you will see name plaques that honor many members of our past. Of all of
those members, there is only one photo plaque of one member (Frank Nazimek – Post Finance Officer). Now there will be two photo plaques and the second shall be of Helene Lenkowec. This is a person who has been a great asset to our organization. Now the Post wants to show to her and others our gratitude and appreciation for all she has done.